Photographer Support Pledge (Until May 31)

Photographer Support Pledge

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihood of many photographers and artists worldwide. To help support them financially, Scott b. Davis of Medium Photo @mediumsandiego has started the Photographer Support Pledge #photographersupportpledge, giving photographers the chance to offer prints for sale, either framed or unframed, at a maximum of $200 (£200, €200, or ¥20000) plus shipping.

Those photographers participating agree to purchase work by another photographer after $1000 in sales. All sales and shipping are handled by the artist who receives 100% of the sale. Anybody can purchase prints offered for sale, and each sale offers much needed financial support during this pandemic.

Thank you to the #artistsupportpledge @matthewburrowsstudio for leading the charge with this inspiring idea!

Cultures in Transition Book with a print

Offered through May 31, 2020

I am offering my award winning limited edition book (EIGHT awards for best photography book of 2019) with one print. The package is valued at $395, offered for $200 until May 31, 2020.

You have two choices for a print or any images in the book (Special for the last week of the Photographer Support Pledge)

God's Rays
God's Rays

Myanmar, 2014

In Myanmar, parents want to give a good life and good education to their children. As life is truly harsh, they give their children up for adoption to monasteries, where they become monks. Their life then becomes dedicated to Buddhism with daily prayers, food gathering, and focus on respecting others. As an outsider, I felt that their life is like a Swiss clock, regulated, with a heart beat that never stops and never surprises. The murals were critically damaged during the 2016 earthquake. The Temple has been closed since.

Print Size: 11" x 7.3" printed on Cone Type 2 paper with customed piezography ink.

The image is signed (verso) and tipped in the book with a protective sheet of vellum.

Great Buddha Dordenma
Great Buddha Dordenma

Bhutan, 2014

The statue was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. At 177ft (54m), the statue is one of the largest Buddha rupas in the world. The first time I visited the statue, it was still under construction. The workers felt privileged to be part of this project. They showed me the inside and told me stories about hidden passages. But the most memorable moment was climbing the steep hill behind the Buddha and to be blessed by his view of the world.

Print Size: 11" x 8.25" printed on Cone Type 2 paper with customed piezography ink.

The image is signed (verso) and tipped in the book with a protective sheet of vellum.

Any Images
Any Images in the Book (Special for the last week of the Pledge)

Click on the section Chapters, and select either Spirit of the Village, Heart of the Yi, Soul of the Burkitshi.
Browse the images, hover over them, write down the title of the image, and email me ( the title after your purchase.

Print Size: 11" x 7.3" printed on Cone Type 2 paper with customed piezography ink.

The image is signed (verso) and tipped in the book with a protective sheet of vellum.

About the Book:
Cultures in Transition explores the changes that people go through, the subtleties that make their life evolve, their spiritual guiding light. In the past 15 years focusing on 5 Asian Countries, I observed the continuity between family, work, and spirituality. There was no separation. This fluidity of life is at the core of Cultures in Transition. However, I experienced and observed peoples’ concerns about how ‘progress’ can create disconnection and alienation between themselves and their communities. These concerns became more evident as the project continued.

While the lives captured are diverse, each brimming with their own unique vibrancy, they are all attempting to tell the same story: The Spirit, Heart, and Soul of us all.

Technical details:
12” x 13.25”, 6.5 lbs
168 pages
Printed in Italy, with seven colors
Duo tone cloth cover
Publish by True North Editions

Books are signed and numbered

“Klink’s photographs show a world that most people will never see outside of the pages of National Geographic.” David Best, Editor Black &White Magazine

Cultures in Transition is one of the most beautifully printed black and white photography books that I have ever seen. It helps to have the huge knock-out original prints to work from. The blacks are so velvety black and the detail in the highlights so lightly but clearly defined, that this book stands as a monument to how far we have come in the reproduction of photographic prints in the last 50 or 60 years. The images really sing!” Phil Zimmermann, Bookmaker Photography Professor at Arizona State University

”The universal human quality is what links together the three chapters of Cultures in Transition. Klink’s images transcend borders without homogenizing very distinct peoples, nationalities, and cultures. The uniqueness of each is present, yet Klink asks us to see the links between them and to see ourselves within each tribe. He connects us through the use of common bonds, gestures, and expressions. In this way the personalities of his subjects shine through – their emotion, their joy, their connections with each other and, by association their connection to the viewer.” Geir Jordahl, Publisher True North Editions

"Oliver Klink’s shooting and printing techniques result in technically astounding prints. One tends to get lost in each image (as one should) and it can be said that this results in an even deeper experience with his work. Klink’s photographs carefully surround you and quietly whisper the knowledge of the lives and cultures he is investigating. Michael Kirchoff, Catalyst Interview


Limited Edition+GodRays

Limited Edition Book + a Print (Image of your choice in the Book)

Limited Edition Book plus Image of your Choice

* $15 Shipping to continental US
* Rest of the World. Shipping fee will be collected at shipment time.

NOTE: If you choose Image in Book, after browsing images in the Chapter secion, email ( the image title.

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