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The Making of Cultures in Transition

February 2021

The Making of Cultures in Transition (Talk hosted by the Center for Photographic Art Carmel)
In 2016, three creatives (Geir and Kate Jordahl (True North Editions Publishing) and Oliver Klink (Photographer)) embarked on making an award-winning book. In 2019, the book won 9 awards for best photography book of 2019. During the talk, the team will walk you thru the steps that were taken from inception, idea, design, collaboration, printing, distribution and financing of the project.

Cultures in Transition explores the changes that people go through, the subtleties that make their life evolve, their spiritual guiding light. Oliver Klink photographed environmental portraits of the continuity between family, work, and spirituality over 15 years, in 5 Asian Countries (Bhutan, Myanmar, Mongolia, China, India). There was no separation, but peoples’ concerns about how ‘progress’ can create disconnection and alienation between themselves and their communities became more evident. This fluidity of life is at the core of Cultures in Transition. "Klink's pictures are dreams manifest – they become representations of our past, present, and future. His photographs are of exotic places and people, yet they connect deeply to what it means to be human. They are about survival and hope. They are about the Spirit, Heart, and Soul in us all." Geir Jordahl, True North Editions

About Oliver Klink
Oliver Klink's studies in physics and photography were the catalyst for his love of light and the complexity of our existence. As a fine art photographer, he travels the world to capture the intricacy of our ecosystems. His artistic goal is telling stories with his images, making the viewers dream, and providing a glimpse of “the world as it should be”.

In 2019, his book, Cultures In Transition won NINE AWARDS for best photography book (IPPY, International Book Awards, PubWest, Mifa, Foreword Indies, PX3, IPA, IBPA). In 2018, he was selected as Black and White photographer of the year 2018 by Dodho magazine, Critical Mass Top 50 fine art photographer, and won the SpotLight Award by Black and White Magazine. In 2017, his project “Circus” was selected as Top 50 projects “Seeing in Sixes” by LensWork Magazine, and by RFotoFolio as “selected artists”. In 2016, he was selected as Critical Mass Top 50 fine art photographer, “Best of the best” emerging fine art photographer by BWgallerist, and received People’s Choice award from Black and White Magazine single image contest for “Stepwell”. In 2014, his image “Herding Instinct” won the grand prize at the Rayko International Photo contest.

His images have been exhibited at solo shows at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California; PhotoCentral Gallery, Hayward, California; Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana; Camerawork Gallery, Portland, Oregon; BWGallerist, RedFilter Online Gallery; Shadows Gallery, Arles, France; Fotofever Art Faire, Paris; Conti Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Oliver is a master of the new digital printing process called Piezography. By using a combination of pigment ink and a proprietary profiling process he produces enhanced highlight and shadow details that exceed what is capable of using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.

About True North Editions:
Seeking authenticity through artistic expression. Books, photographs and portfolios.

Geir and Kate Jordahl bring their love of books and passion for images to the creation of a variety of visual projects. They founded True North Editions in 2012 as a collaborative effort to give voice to unique work by artists working authentically. They have worked together as a team since 1980 as editors, curators, and imagemakers.

Book awards include a Gold Medal and Best of Show in the PubWest Book Design Awards, a Silver Medal in Prix de Paris and a Silver Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards for Searching for True North and a Silver Award-Photography and a Bronze Award-Art in the PubWest Book Design Awards for Native American Ceremonial Dancers. The Jordahls also edited, published, and designed Cultures in Transition: Spirit Heart Soul which features the photographs of Oliver Klink.

Geir and Kate Jordahl both have Masters of Fine Arts Degrees in Photography from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. In 1983 they founded the PhotoCentral Program in Hayward, California, and were directors of PhotoCentral until 2020. Kate is a Professor of Photography at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California. The Jordahls now operate True North Editions based in Bellingham, Washington.

Cultures in Transition - Part 1: The Story & The Collaboration

Cultures in Transition - Part 2: The Design & The Printing

Cultures in Transition - Part 3: The Binding & The Traveling Exhibits

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